Two massive milestones in writing the first draft of ‘Current’ reached today.

Chapter Tracker – 09-13-10 Update that if the book is published the way I have it envisioned, I have crossed the 250 page mark today of written material.

The thought of having written 250 pages of a novel is quite an accomplishment in itself. I would say “not to toot my own horn,” but I am. That’s like when someone says, “I don’t mean to be rude.” You automatically know that they are about to say something that certainly won’t be a compliment.

However, with such a difficult schedule of managing a full time work schedule, married life, MBA classes, and writing, this is something I feel worthy of talking about with a little bit of self inflation. It’s like Alan Arkin said in Little Miss Sunshine, “Losers are people who are so afraid of not winning, they don’t even try.”

I have actually had some people give some questionable nods when I tell them I am trying to write a novel. Encouragement sometimes comes from people I least expect, those doing the judging can sometimes be a surprise as well. I’m never sure if they think I am too stupid to write it with a high enough quality to be considered or they think it’s an irrational dream that should be left in my list of wishes sacrificed for security.

It’s hard to say, what I do know is that those people can judge all they want, because at least I am trying. When I look back on my life I will at least know that I have made mistakes because I tried my hardest to succeed in something I love and I am surrounded by the people I love. Beyond that, there isn’t much more to ask for.

I digress, however, as I have yet to disclose the second accomplishment today. The biggest accomplishment of the day is reaching an excess of 60,000 words written in the book. With several, not all, submission guidelines, my book is now long enough to be considered publishable.

This is the first run of the book though, or what I call “expositional vomit.” I am getting the idea of the book down on the page first to be refined. I have found that my first draft of almost everything I write is pretty much rubbish. The trick is having a good idea with well thought out characters that can get put on the page.

However, for most basic publishers, the book will definitely be long enough. I predict it will be closer to 100,000 words before all is said and done. I have at least seven more chapters to go and there are several chapters that need to be fleshed out a lot more than they are at the moment.

I do want to be careful though because research indicates that if your first novel is too long it will typically exceed a given budget for a new writer. They are always taking a chance so they want to gamble less, it makes sense despite being mildly depressing if you think that there have been perfectly written novels passed on because they were too long.
So there is the latest update for you, simple and hopefully something you care about reading. If not, that’s okay. I hope you’ll be reading something very different than just an online blog by the time next year or so rolls around. Until next time, keep on smiling.



  1. Stick it to them Tom! I think it’s awesome you are pursuing one of your dreams and accomplishing it. Congratulations on the milestone.

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