The Chapter Tracker – Progress on my first novel, “Current.”

Chapter Tracker

Eight chapters are done, with an estimated fourteen to sixteen more to go, depending on how the writing goes. Despite my months of research and planning, so much goes on with the writing process that requires adaptation. I am constantly discovering new things about character pasts and relationships that changes the context of the story.

Read the synopsis if you are unfamiliar with the concept of the book so far.

In this article you can see the chapter tracker, I have been finding it helpful to keep track of how the book is doing as far as numbers go. It has given me real sense of progress on this first run of the novel that I am calling “The Expositional Draft.”

The main reason being that the words being written right now are far from poetic or encapsulating the ideal language of the book. This run is about getting a clear sense of the story from start to finish. What has been accomplished and what emotion do I want the reader to get from this book? Revisions are where I can tweak the language to more perfectly fit the descriptive aspects of the book.

As of right now, I have written 33,372 words in the book. According to what I have found to be the publishing standards, that means I am somewhere between 55.62% and 33.37% complete, based on the decided length of the novel. I am definitely more inclined to say it is closer to 33.37% since the main conflict has yet to fully reveal itself. Instead, it is a looming threat in the background while the characters are dealing with their own problems and smaller issues that lead to some bigger discoveries later.

Two characters are still waiting for their chapters. Each chapter is told from the perspective of one of the nine major characters. Devin McDavid, the computer operator, and David Downing, one of the submersible technicians, are in waiting. However, their characters have huge story arcs later so their time is coming.

It’s coming together and with each day I grow closer to making this dream a reality. Thanks for reading and checking in.

– Tom F.


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