“Current,” an update on my first novel

Friends and family who have been following this for a while have known for months now that I have been working on my first novel, “Current.”

The book is a look at nine crew members working on a submerged energy transmission system, harnessing the power of thousands of underwater turbines delivering energy to the West coast. The nine have all brought themselves down hundreds of feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean for different reasons; however, they discover they have more to discover.

They have to face their reason for escaping the world moving above them and worry for their safety when it becomes apparent some form of sabotage could be coming their way.

According to publishing standards, I now have just over 112 pages of the book written. Since I am a super nerd, I am glad to say that it means I am somewhere around 28% done with the first draft of the book. It has been challenging but so much fun to do, it is what I really enjoy.

I am also loving the discoveries of the characters. Past relationships have become much more prominent. While writing I found a past relationship between two characters who I thought were only associated because of the Thales Station where they worked. Also, two characters have found a much different catharsis in their characters that I never intended for them. Their fate was so much more simplistic in the planning phases.

Thanks for the support and love being sent my way as I try with all of my heart to finish this project so I can find happiness for myself and my wife and our future children.


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