A Blu Ray/DVD review, why you should see ‘The Messenger’

The Messenger is a dark tale following two Army soldiers who are assigned to the unfortunate task of informing families when soldiers are killed in the war on terror starring Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson in an Oscar nominated performance.

Why you should see this movie

The acting in this movie is what sells the material without question. The often overlooked Foster continues to prove that he should have a much more successful career than he has been given thus far. Harrelson continues his comeback and Samantha Morton gives an amazingly honest performance.

The story is a hard one to swallow, but looks at what drives a person to seek to help others. It also aims to show audiences some of the trauma that stays with soldiers well after leaving the battlefield. The mental anguish is one that no person should have to deal with.

Why you may want to see something else

The film was independently made and therefore doesn’t have the straight cut and traditional story arc many are accustomed to seeing in movies today. There is no blatant point of dialogue that points out the message of the film, it is left for you to interpret. So if you are looking for a light hearted, mainstream piece, avoid this one.

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