A Blu Ray/DVD review, why you should see ‘Crazy Heart’

Crazy Heart is a look at a burnt out country singer, played by Jeff Bridges, trying to survive his twilight years. As he meets a reporter, played by Maggie Gyllenthaal, he seeks sobriety, success, and redemption.

Why you should see this movie

Jeff Bridges finally won an Oscar for his portrayal of Bad Blake. The reason for his win becomes obvious very quickly. Not only was the role perfect for Bridges, he owns the performance completely.

The movie provides some great music that is performed by Bridges as well as surprising musical performances from Colin Farrell. You wouldn’t expect the Irish actor to take on the role of a successful American country musician. However, his duet with Bridges with the song “Falling & Flying” sounds like it should be on the airwaves.

Why you may want to see something else

The movie, like classical country music, does have a slower pace. The first half does grow a bit cumbersome but is necessary to set up an amazingly cathartic second half. However, if you are looking for fast paced action, this is not a movie to see. It is a character piece that takes time to get to know the great characters.

The movie is Rated R for language and brief sexuality. The alcoholic path to redemption has some stressful situations, but are necessary for Bad Blake’s journey.

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  2. Great review. The film is a little too run-of-the-mill if not for Jeff Bridges brilliant portrayal and you are on the money wondering why Maggie’s Gyllenhaal character would even be interested in Bad Blake. The moment she started kissing him, I was like Whaaat? why did she do that? It came out of nowhere. Check out my review when you can please!

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