Ranking Summer 2010 Movies

As the summer goes on, you can read how I believe each movie ranks up compared to the others I have seen this summer. Keep checking back and click on the links to head over to my Examiner page with a review of the movie itself. Click on any of the movie titles, except Babies, to read my full review.

1) Toy Story 3
If one thing this summer has proven, it’s that original stories can still do well. Pixar proved why they are the only studio in the world without a box office flop. Their dominance is encapsulated with their bold storytelling that appeals to the entire family.

2) Iron Man 2
Sometimes the summer kicks off to a disappointing start. Does Van Helsing or X-Men: The Last Stand sound familiar? 2010 decided to do things a little differently by starting out with a great beginning. The movie is fast and familiar with so much of the original cast and crew returning. Yet it also keeps the Iron Man and Avengers story moving forward in new directions.

3) Harry Brown
While not technically a part of the major summer tent pole releases, this film hit the United States in May and was an example of why independent film shouldn’t be ignored during the summer months when we are barraged with mainstream products. Michael Caine shows that despite being in his 70’s, you don’t want to get on his bad side.

4) Predators
Still a far cry from the genuine enjoyment of the original, this movie did take a nice surprise narrative twist with the story that has not been seen yet in the series. This proved to be the best Predator movie since the original from 1987.

5) The A-Team
This movie knew exactly what it was doing and did it well. It disregarded physics and logic for the sake of pure fun and the definition of summer entertainment. As Liam Neeson said it best in the movie as Hannibal, “Overkill is underrated.”

6) Robin Hood
My low expectations were met with a pleasant surprise with Robin Hood, the movie reuniting director Ridley Scott and Oscar winner Russell Crowe. I normally cringe when I hear Cate Blanchett is attached to something, but she did such a great job in this as well.

7) Babies
This unique documentary took some bold steps. No narration, just showing four babies in different parts of the world growing up from birth to just after their first birthday. A nice breather from massive explosions, Babies was fun and an interesting look as life starts.

8) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Jake Gylenhaal and Gemma Arteton gave it their best in what was a mediocre script with horrid visual effects. The movie was enjoyable for a one time viewing that was reminiscent of older blockbusters and how fun they could be.

9) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
It has a specific audience that will make the films a hit no matter what. Thankfully, this was the most improved of the series under new director David Slade. There is even an attempt at humor and a better understanding of the relationships between a lot of the characters. While only one viewing was sufficient for me, hardcore fans will undeniably call this one the best so far.

10) Shrek Forever After
The movie was pretty much everything you would expect from a Shrek movie. If you’ve seen the first three, you’ll know what the fourth will be about. There were some good laughs but nothing that makes it out of this world.

11) Killers
The movie was about as surprising as a PBS documentary. While it did what it set out to do, it left you with a taste of mediocre film making that is a sad use of talent, particularly Katherine Heigl who is in desperate need of a change in tactics or her looks may not carry her career much further.

12) MacGruber
Expect this movie to stay at the bottom unless another movie provides a bitter disappointment. The movie started out okay, but then resorted to fart, sex, pee and poop jokes. The worst was seeing grown men stick celery in their rear ends not once, not twice, but three times. That’s the humor you should expect from the very poorly made MacGruber.


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