A Blu Ray/DVD review, why you should see ‘Avatar’

Following his triumph in defeating himself for the all time box office champion, James Cameron and company released Avatar on Blu Ray and DVD on Earth Day. Tracking for sales is positive, breaking the one day sales record for Blu Ray discs. This has put it on track to become the most successful Blu Ray unit this year and possibly all time.

Why you should see Avatar

If you missed the movie in theaters, then you are a part of a small minority. The Blu Ray and DVD versions are not in 3D so that experience is not available at the moment. However, turning the sound up and enjoying the crystal clear picture on Blu Ray is a great experience. The meticulous detail is still prevalent on Blu Ray and there is a reason it has sold so many units so quickly.

The scale of the success of Avatar will be felt for a long time. It took twelve years to knock Titanic off of the top spot and Avatar will likely hold this spot for a while. You can expect future re-releases of the movie, but the entertainment value of the movie is very high. These are the movies that people watch at least once a year.

Avatar is sure to become a Blu Ray essential. Up there with Casino Royale and The Dark Knight, anyone with a Blu Ray player will have to own this one. When friends come over and you want to shamelessly display the power of your high definition, surround sound system, this will be one to own.

Why you may want to see something else

The biggest upset some fans have over the release of Avatar is the lack of 3D and special features. There is already a special version confirmed to be released later this year. If anyone thinks about the logical move for 20th Century Fox, expect the special edition this holiday season. As a result, you may have to exude some patience and wait for the special version, rumored to have as much as 40 minutes of deleted scenes and extensive behind the scenes features. However, if you are a person who just wants the movie, the current release is the one for you.

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