April 20th, 2010 – Not by Coincidence

Well, I was hoping the purpose of the blog would prove to be useful and show a true reason besides personal reflection and setting of goals. This past week and today have given them, sooner than I had ever thought possible.

Last week I put up a post, Happiness for Others, Happiness for Yourself. It was looking at how aiming to help others can directly lead to another person reaching their dream. I was hoping for more than one comment, but that’s okay. It was my wife, Amber. She posted the following:

“My dream is to be a loving wife to you, have our children, and either work part-time or be a stay-at-home mom, at least for the early years. I love you!”

Less than 48 hours later I received the job as the Denver Movie Theater Examiner, a job where I will be paid to write to review movies, check out movie theaters, and write about special events, screenings, and festivals in the Denver Metro area. I’ve always been an admirer of destiny and fate, but not a whole-hearted subscriber. However, anyone who finds this a mere coincidence didn’t quite read what I wrote above in enough detail.

Less than 2 days after my wife said she wants to take care of our future children I receive an entry level job doing what I love, writing and getting paid to do it. This job is not going to be enough to pay the bills, but the eventual opportunity for me is huge.

As a result, I will not pass on this opportunity. This job is very much in the hands of the writer. So expect a huge change to the blog this week and next and look for information when my website is fully running. The more people subscribe (for free by the way) and visit the site, the more I get paid, so I will need a word of mouth campaign to get this running fully.

Thanks for reading the blog, my appreciation continues to grow exponentially. Thanks and look for a new look and new posts next week.



  1. I don’t believe in coincidence or luck, BUT I do believe in God and his blessings. AND I think He has been watchin’ you : ) Congrats and keep chasin’ your dream

    P.S. to leave a comment on here is a pain! It deleted mine twice and said error. That may be why you’re not having many comments. That is the third time I wrote that.

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