April 15th, 2010 – Your Favorite Book

Today I’d like to leave more open for discussion as opposed to me rambling on for six hundred words or so. About a month ago, I did a Facebook post asking what is your favorite book and why? I got several really good responses, but am craving more. The answers included Ender’s Game, Johnny Got His Gun, To Kill a Mockingbird, Dante’s Inferno, Sir Percy Leads the Band, East of Eden, Cat’s Cradle, even the Unauthorized Guide to the Simpsons.

One response was the Dark Tower series by Stephen King as well, which I am restarting again. I read the first book completely, then started the second book but never finished. I really enjoyed it, but borrowed it from a roommate and moved out. I just found the first two books at Goodwill, so good $2 find!

The reason I asked about your favorite book and why was because I want to research and find out as much as I can about what makes people love a certain book. There are so many varied answers and I want to find out the elements, basics, details, characters, and other elements that makes people love reading fiction. That way I can know some things I can make sure are implemented into the book.

So, everyone chime in! Let me know what your favorite book is, but more importantly tell me why!


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