April 5th, 2010 – Five Trailers that Rock!

So with the release of the disturbingly successful and widely discredited Clash of the Titans, there did come some good. While I haven’t seen the movie itself, I haven’t heard great things and one reviewer said the rushed 3D process looks more like a pop-up book than the depth and detail that went into Avatar’s 3d process. After all, they delayed the movie only by a few weeks to turn an entire movie into 3D. If that isn’t a cheap attempt to earn a few extra bucks, I don’t know what is. However, I can’t really talk because the damned theory worked.

The good I discussed before rambling incoherently was that many huge trailers came out this last week. If you haven’t caught these, then prepare to get giddy as the five year old who wants nothing more than to escape and giggle with delight emerges for summer entertainment once again!

While Kick-Ass isn’t coming out during the summer, it has every element you need in one. With a few choices far from pleasant, this movie should please a lot of people. It makes me so happy that nerds are being celebrated so. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the trailer for the April 16th release, then you had better clear your calendar.

For those who aren’t at work or school, here’s a link to see the restricted trailer:


Pretty much everyone has seen the Iron Man 2 trailer, so I’ll skip that. Plus, it may just be me, but it seems like the first blockbuster every summer season disappoints so I am a little scared about Iron Man 2. My biggest concerns are the following: I am pretty sure I can tell you the movie start to finish based on the trailers and it seems like they are adding too many characters to quickly. I fear it will become over-saturated and pull a Revenge of the Fallen. So I am moving forward to June 11th, when a show I didn’t watch all the time, but was awesome when I did comes back to life. When I first heard the A-Team was being brought to the screen, I didn’t care at all. Then the cast came together. Finally, the trailer hit. It won’t shake the world of cinema, but it will be fun.

The rest of June really only has Toy Story 3, which isn’t really necessary. I hope that Pixar continues to develop original ideas because those have been the best. July will bring a few good ones hopefully. My second most anticipated movie for the month is a shameless one. It may end up being worth nothing like the last two Aliens vs. Predator movies, but with Robert Rodriguez behind the scenes it could be good. I know I’ve blabbered on about this one before, but it has a great cast and looks awesome.

After a week of disposable releases comes a movie that could be absolutely amazing. However, the bar has been raised so high for Christopher Nolan now, I feel bad. After the Dark Knight, I fear that he has nowhere to go but down. We’ll see if he can surprise once again with Inception. The plot is pretty elusive right now, and I have a feeling there will be questions at the end. However, it could be breathtaking.

A few more weeks of summer will pass, I may see a movie or two inbetween. However, August 13th is going to be a busy day. That day, two of my most anticipated movies of the year are coming out. First up, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I fear that Michael Cera will peak with this movie and then his awkward stuttering character will die out from repetition. If he changes it up, he’ll do okay. If he stays the same, he’ll follow the path of Will Ferrell into comedy obscurity. The best thing about Scott Pilgrim? Directed by none other than Edgar Wright, the man who brought us Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz.

On that same day, what could be the coolest movie ever will come out. I am going to let the rock music, one liners, awesome cast, and gratuitous use of bullets and explosions tell you why The Expendables could be the best action movie since Commando.


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