March 31st, 2010 – Meeting the Deadlines

So the deadline was today. Sure enough, I was working on it yesterday for a while and spent a good four hours today finishing up. However, it is finished. If you haven’t seen the Deadlines post from a few months back, here’s the link:

As you can see, today marks the end of several key deadlines. I have completed the major elements that I need to begin writing this book. I have created character biographies profiling each of the major characters. I have created a detailed outline with a series of notecards of major events and moments. They are on four panels of cork board with specified dates and times of the events beginning one week before the dive to the Thales Station to over forty days after the station is fired up. Finally, I have created a detailed program highlighting the details of the Station itself.

My wife, Amber, displaying the 281 page manual about the Thales Station where the book takes place.

This manual was written as if it were a new employee orientation manual. It discusses emergency procedures, station accommodations, power efficiency levels, and even includes such details as the locations of medical kits, fire extinguishers, stairwells. The manual includes individualized serial codes for each of the over 1,200 turbines the station collects and transmits power to the west coast of the country.

So here are some of the final numbers of how I met my deadlines:

281 – The number of pages the instruction manual for the Thales Station has to orient a new employee.

25 – The number of pages of character biographies of the nine major characters. I still need to work on supporting characters a bit more, but that will come in time.

34 – The number of hand written pages of sketches of wind turbines, deep sea submersibles, submarine machinery and my interview from my visit to the Baltimore Maritime Museum who were so helpful.

32 – The number of hand written pages of notes about character information, plot twists, chapter breakdowns, and

Hand written pages of research and important moments.

specific lines or moments that are vital to be integrated when the mass typing begins.

So, since I am on Spring Break and this week has marked a huge event for me personally and professionally, this is the one and only blog for the week. We’ll see you next week with a return to the full blog schedule.



  1. Enjoy spring break. Keep up the great work!!!! The manuscript and hand written work will be worth a ton when this takes off. Amber is so pretty.

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