March 26th, 2010 – Celebrating Animals

Animals are there for our entertainment. They provide companionship for us at times when everything else has gone wrong. A cat can sit on your lap or a dog can sit by your side when life is headed the way of the Lost Island where you are stuck in . . . Wait, didn’t see this week’s episode? You should! Major reveals!)

Watch the episode here and check out a podcast with the two executive producers here:

But those don’t count toward this weeks theme. First off, a video that was put up only a few days ago, but is already at half a million views. When you see it, you’ll know why.

Nature can be mind boggling. There are several videos of odd pairings that makes the partnership of Milo & Otis seem mild. However, this is one that takes one of nature’s fiercest predators and flips the image a little askew.

People take pets in and train them to do some ridiculous things. Dogs retrieve beer from the fridge and bring them to their master. Cats learn to use the toilet and flush just like a toddler after reading “Everybody Poops.” However, this family has everyone else beaten. The video is in Japanese, but you will get the idea.

Not to be outdone, the Japanese continue to innovate like they have done with so many things:

And finally, what would the internet be without hilarious videos of cats and dogs doing ridiculous things that make us love them more? So here is the best collection I have seen on the web of it all.


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