March 24th, 2010 – The Thales Station – Level II

Level II: Level II of the Thales Station serves a wide variety of purposes. From living quarters to operating engines to the computer operating systems to medical, this floor is the second largest in terms of square feet and area. However, it has the largest variety of functions and rooms. One of the most important safety notices that must be acknowledged is the abundance of floodwalls on the second floor. The floor between the first and second was constructed thick enough to keep from moving upward. However, with several stairs and areas, there will be a requirement to separate the second floor into 10 different areas that can be sealed off in the event of a flood.

2.1 Living Quarters: The southeast corner of the facility holds the major living quarters for the facility. The southernmost room has the living space for the commander of the facility. Above that, the first crew quarters with four beds available and some storage, but it is minimal. The second crew quarters holds eight beds and equal storage to the other crew quarters. The rooms across the hall to the living quarters houses two bathrooms for the crew to use. Above that, there is the kitchen with massive dry storage facilities as well as a walk in freezer. The kitchen houses all necessary appliances but holds few in terms of luxury with the exception of the ice cream maker.

2.2 Engine 3: Directly to the west of the living quarters and attached to the south end is the room housing Engine 3. This room also features the relaxation room featuring a television, dozens of books, and the personal communication area that features video conferencing. Engine 3 includes the backup power, as it will run normally at half capacity. The active half of the engine’s power provides the necessary functions for living operations. The motors functioning within Engine 3 power lights, computers, air conditioning, and all of the utilities within the Thales.

2.3 Engine 2: Engine 2 utilizes 60% of its’ power to provide the ample energy needed to feed half of the receiving and processing systems for the Thales. The remaining 40% of the power will go toward computer operating systems. The only other feature of area 2.3 is the dual stairwells that lead to Levels I and III.

2.4 Operations Room: To the north of the Engine 2 Room is the Computer Operations Room. If Level I holds the guts of the operation, the Operations Room is the brain. From here, every single aspect of the Thales is operated. Here the receiving station computers and processing servers communicate with the operations room on every single one of the 8,064 turbines in operation at the facility grounds. The eight total grids will have direct feedback on capacity flow as well as energy efficiency. The computer operations room also features communication with the onshore facility and harbormaster nearest to the area. The operations room can ensure that the processors send full energy to the transmitters to be sent to the coast.

2.5 Transmitter Room Scaffolding: The height of the transmission systems does not allow for any other machinery to be placed on the second floor.  As a result, all that is available at the northernmost room is scaffolding to reach the top areas of the transmission systems for maintenance and repair.

2.6 Emergency Flood Room: The Emergency Flood Room was intentionally left to span the height of all three floors in case of a rupture to the structure. The second floor features only half of the area covered with scaffolding for walking that can be accessed from either ladder. There is also one flood door that can reach the second floor scaffolding.

2.7 Engine 1: To the south of the Emergency Flood Room is the room for Engine 1. Engine 1 utilizes 60% energy allocation to half of the receiving and processing systems, and transmission systems. 20% is allocated to the transmission systems, and the final 20% is used for the Air Filtration and Fresh Water distribution systems.

2.8 Recreation Room: The Thales features a recreation room for inhabitants to find relaxation in as well as to keep physically active. On top of the challenges of keeping the station operational, physical restlessness can result from the time spent in a confined area. To keep physically fit and challenged and give the mind a sense of ease, enjoy the free space for running, Yoga, or free lifting as a complete set of dumbbells are available for use.

2.9 Maintenance Room: The maintenance room has been painstakingly organized to fit as much equipment as possible into the massive storage closets. The maintenance room also features metal grinder, several saws, and other tools necessary to keep the Thales operational. There are no replacement turbines in the entire Thales station. Instead, there are replacement components that can repair damaged areas of the turbines. If there are parts that must be delivered to maintain a turbine or other components, they can be placed for delivery during the next re-supply via the computer operator. If the part is an emergency, the delivery will be expedited. There are also vital runs of cables to keep all systems running and power being allocated as required by Coastal Energy standards.

2.10 Medical: The Thales offers a condensed medical room where the operating nurse is available as a regular staff member of the Thales. The medical facility can treat even major health issues and emergencies. All required aspects of the basic medical response team are available in the Thales station. If an emergency situation should arise, the medical station should be able to provide the necessary medical assistance until the emergency rescue team arrives.

2.11: Emergency Flood Space: In addition to the emergency flood room with the two pumps (see Level I for full information), the south end of the facility holds an additional space to fill up should the facility have too much water coming into the station. This area is only a last effort contingency should the station be filling up with water. Additionally, the water can only pour in from the third floor of the facility. This will mean that the first two floors have been completely flooded and this area is meant only to bide time until the entire crew can evacuate.

Please take note of all flood doors to make sure that all areas stay properly sealed off at all times. The northern most stairwells on the east and west side of the facility lead to the third floor evacuation points where the submersibles can access at any time.

The Thales Station - Level II "Purgatory"

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