March 22nd, 2010 – Seven of the Most Ridiculous Movie Costumes Ever

Costume designers are hired for their unbelievable abilities and knowledge. Their creative innovation brings the vision of the director to the screen. Every now and then, things get a bit excessive. Here’s a look at just eight of the most ridiculous movie costumes ever.  They may not be the only ones, but they’re certainly up there.

The nipples that killed a franchise.

7) Batman and Robin – The Nippled Batsuit. We’ll start with one of the biggest blunders in the history of costuming. Most likely the poor decision of Joel Schumacher, the director who killed Batman for nearly a decade until Christopher Nolan brought it back. Most people, if given the choice, would rather watch the original Batman movie over this installment. No, I am not talking about Tim Burton and Michael Keaton. I am talking about Adam West in a Three Stooges style attempt to get rid of an Acme looking bomb. If you haven’t been treated to the delight of this sequence, see it below.

Standard apparel for lead singers, turned Satan Fighter.

6) Rock n’ Roll Nightmare – Everything, but this one in particular. I haven’t seen this movie, but discovered how awesome it could be. If I am reading the plot synopsis right, a rock n’ roll concert in a farmhouse causes creatures from hell to arise. Enter John Triton, the lead singer of a rock band who has to stop Satan’s minions. Yes, you did read that right. Yes, we should get together for a drinking night for this movie.

5) The Original Predator – Once again, I am not talking about what you may be thinking of. When Predator first went in front of the cameras, it was not the creature that made dreadlocks so fierce. The original design of the predator was quite different. In fact, the original design caused production to come to a halt. The special effects team were embarrassed that they had to make the absurd creature somehow work. Instead, they called in the big guns, Stan Winston. Stealing a few ideas from James Cameron, Stan Winston drew up some sketches. A few months later, the movie was back on track and lead to one of the coolest guy movies ever made.

The original, more primitive floppy headed Predator.
At least Timothy Dalton buried the franchise after I did this.

4) Octopussy – James Bond is a clown, literally. As the seventies drew to a close, producers were still determined to keep Roger Moore around as the best agent the British have to offer. Well into his fifties, the eighties began introducing some really farfetched ideas into the world of Bond. The worst idea? Making James Bond a clown. With an outfit only meant for Tim Curry, the James Bond franchise put one of the worst notches on their belts.

3) Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – Gothmog. Peter Jackson loves nothing more than to go for the extreme. If you don’t believe me, check out some his earlier works such as Braindead or Meet the Feebles. So it should come as no surprise that he went to extremes for the near perfect trilogy. Gothmog, while ridiculous, works. When they were designing the character, Jackson apparently insisted on adding more inflamed areas of his face and shoulders. He insisted on straps that would slowly be consumed by his overgrowth. It worked really well, but when you look at it with fresh eyes, it is absurd.

Sloth's oldest known relative just needed a Baby Ruth or two.
Zero Crates

2) The Fifth Element – Gary Oldman takes villainy to a whole new level. One of the best actors to play the greatest villains of the 90’s, Oldman had to add some variety to make sure he was always keeping it fresh. Leave it the visionary director Luc Besson, who gave us Oldman’s best role ever in Leon, to deliver this eccentric piece. Sporting colors that makes Lucky Charms seem like they have none, this villain was another one for the books. With a side sweeping drape of hair to finish the deal, he helped make one of the most over the top movie costumes work to no end.

1) The Wicker Man – Nicholas Cage in a Bearsuit. This is one that you can blame the horrid nature of the movie itself on more than the poor costume designer. Whoever was hired probably did the best they could hoping it would lead to something better. Sometimes pride has to be put aside to swallow a little shameful experience. The situation regarding him wearing the suit is also a factor to blame. Anyone who knows what happens while Nicholas Cage is wearing the bear suit, this is old but hilarious news. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, get ready to watch Nicholas Cage deliver his career defining moment where he punches a woman square in the face while sneaking around in a bear costume. That’s how awesome this movie is, enjoy.

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