Five For Friday – scha·den·freu·de

If you are unfamiliar with the term “Schadenfreude,” here is the definition from Webster’s Online:


– Noun

satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.

If there is one thing the internet is capable of doing, it is exactly that. Sometimes when you have a bad week, it helps to know someone else had a week a bit worse than yours. While mine was just fine, it doesn’t mean everyone’s was. So here is your Five for Friday tribute to schadenreude.

If you haven’t discovered the musical Avenue Q, you have been missing out. If you were to take the puppets from the Jim Henson studio and place them in the slums of New York, this is the musical you would produce. One of their songs is literally called “Schadenreude” and gives you a detailed explanation. So as you explore more today’s posts, let these lyrics carry you along the way. *Warning* This song does have a few non-politically correct statements to say the least so it is not safe for work. *Warning*

This is one of those clips that you can’t help but laugh. I don’t think because of what happened, but at that point what else do you do? If I were them, I would be glad I didn’t get hurt and realize that your wedding is now solidified as one that has been watched nearly 2.5 million times because of what happened.

Next up, we have a clip from “America’s Next Top Model.” Clearly not a player of Mario or Sonic or plenty of other games from older systems, this double fail shows what happens when you don’t time your moves properly. While I think it is ridiculous that they actually set this elaborate walkway of doom up for these girls, the Mario fail music has to come to mind near the end of this video.

Snowmobile stunts are not to be taken lightly, because a lot of times things like this happen. And to make matters worse, fate decides to add more punishment as the snowmobile apparently chooses to head for the woods to certain death than be put through another jump like that.

This clip is one of the most watched YouTube videos of all time, because the sheer odds of this happening are so remote it’s insane! Sometimes it seems like bad things occur to you just because someone hates you. So with a basketball last ditch effort, comes a total hit to a kid’s face.

And to top it all off, of course a montage of failure! While some of these could have resulted in death, they survived to make another montage of bad choices that celebrates why The Darwin Awards were created. While some may judge and say that people being hurt isn’t funny, just remember that tragedy is when something awful happens to you, comedy is when something awful happens to someone else.


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