March 15th, 2010 – Five Pieces of Good News

For Movie Monday, I have decided to share five pieces of good news. As the news in politics continues to show that neither party is ready to take true action for their country, looking elsewhere for good news is the way to go. So here you go!

5) Katherine Heigl officially leaving Grey’s Anatomy! As this show has progressed, it has taken a nose dive south and continues to spiral down like a plane missing a wing. Their story lines are so convoluted. One anchor that has worked no matter what was Katherine Heigl. I have always enjoyed her acting. She has apparently been trying to leave the show for three full years now. She wants to focus on her acting career in movies and shake the medical soap opera. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s see. One of the characters began dating one of the key characters, another woman slept with him, they broke up, she decided to become a lesbian. Leaving Grey’s Anatomy is a soap opera in prime time and a lot of what is wrong with television. My hope for Heigl? Follow a bit more of the Anne Hathaway approach where you balance some art projects like Rachel Getting Married with larger projects like Devil Wears Prada. Heigl impressed with Knocked Up by holding her own with the Apatow gang and should try to stay clear of too many Ugly Truth’s.

4) Hugo Weaving returning to villainous ways once again. While the casting for Captain America himself is still very undecided (Channing Tatum is new to the running, please no), they have cast the new Red Skull. It is none other than Agent Smith himself. A great hero is nothing without a great villain to play off of, here’s hoping it works and they choose the right person. Sadly, John Krasinzki is out apparently. However, Chris Evans is in the running still and that would be good. He’s always been a great leading man just waiting to happen. He was a great actor in an okay movie so many times. Here’s hoping come 2012, he can exchange words with Robert Downey Jr. in the Avengers.

3) Speaking of The Avengers, it looks like Edward Norton hasn’t completely cashed out of the Marvel world. His version of The Incredible Hulk was really great and made me excited to see what Thor and Captain America will have to offer. The executive who Norton had a beef with, and made him make some cuts Norton was displeased with, has left Marvel. This has left Norton open to the idea of joining up with The Avengers. There has been a rumor that the Hulk will be a villain that The Avengers have to overcome in the movie. It’s possible. However, I would love to see it all lead to the Civil War story line as a big finale.

2) Quentin Tarantino doesn’t need an Oscar, he needs a good Smurf. Tarantino has been cast as the voice of Brainy Smurf. While I have very small expectations for this movie, the casting is going well. Neil Patrick Harris will be one of human characters. However, this movie is now worth a Netflix spot just to hear Tarantino  ramble on incoherently with random references no one else in the world is aware of. That’s the hope, at least.

1) Predators are coming. Look out for the three red lights coming your way. We get to visit the predator world, from what I am understanding. I personally would love to see a scene where a predator uses his three light sight to watch a cat try to catch it, but it probably won’t happen. I was really thrown off by the casting of Adrien Brody in the lead, but, he is an awesome actor. The adding of Laurence Fishburne doesn’t hurt one bit. The last piece of good news came when this little gem came up. Watch it, and tell me it looks like it might be heading in the right direction by shaking the Aliens and realizing that the versus movies could never really be that great.


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