March 12th, 2010 – Fútbol Friday

Today’s Five for Friday will be brought to you by fútbol, or more commonly known as soccer or the football that the rest of the world cares about. I love the NFL as much as anyone, but when it comes to international sports, there is no other. This is the Highlander of sports. So, if you want

We’re a mere 90 days from the 2010 World Cup in what seems to have been a lifetime of waiting. After seeing little David (commonly known as 3rd world nation team Ghana) give the Goliath of soccer (Brazil) a genuine challenge, I have been an uber soccer fan. It has been growing for several years but the last World Cup had so many great things. Among it, this classic video:

Some would argue that this marked the end of the final game for France and was the last mark of Zidane. While it may not have been the classiest way to go, it is certainly one of the most discussed. It even made its way onto Family Guy. There were tons of people who missed this joke and simply chalked it up to one of the thousands of references Family Guy uses every season and you’re bound to not get a few. Well, after watching Zidane give out some brutal justice, you get one more:

So yesterday I was delighted to see the first trailer for the new FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa game. It looks amazing! This game I always enjoy because they try to make it a little more accessible to the average gamer or non-soccer type. Every year a new FIFA game is launched and anyone who has played it in the last few years knows it’s no picnic. The gameplay is reaching such realistic movement and behavior it’s getting to the point that you need to know how to play soccer to succeed at the game. World Cup is typically a bit easier and since I am not the greatest gamer in the world, that makes me happy instead of frustrated and not yelling like an angry dad at my tv:

And to tell you just how cool this game is really going to be, here is an interview with one of the game’s producers, courtesy of G4TV. Their embedding code is defunct and not working, I tried three times. So here is the direct link:

And lastly, what would a soccer themed day be without a crazy announcer? The international commentators are known to have so much passion and lung capacity. Seriously, listen to a Hispanic soccer commentary, the stereotypical but always necessary shouting of “Goal” for at least a minute is as expected as the latest episode of “Jersey Shore” featuring shallow people showing of how much cooler they are than you. Check out this epic video of an Italian commentator acting as if he just found out he won the lottery, and has about as much containment as a child at Christmas:

Thanks for reading guys! I broke 500 reads and am now setting my sights on the 1,000 mark. The manual is nearing completion, check out the base level of the Thales Station I have spent designing for weeks now and have gone through a few “prototypes.” This will show you how stupidly dedicated I am to making this accurate and that, well, I am a nerd. See you next week!


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