March 10th, 2010 – The Thales Station, Level I “Hell”

If you haven’t read about the deadlines or the manual yet, I would recommend doing so. Otherwise, this blog will seem pretty odd. Day Eleven – The Deadlines link:

I have spent several hours constructing a final blueprint of the Thales, the main station that will house the nine characters for majority of the novel.

This is the design for Level I only. Here is where the guts of the operation are found. Basically, after researching wind facilities and what is being done with ocean current technology so far, this is what I have going on.

Level I of the Thales, where the power is taken in and transmitted.

There is some research about offshore sites for wind energy built on the surface of the ocean, allowing the strong winds to turn the turbines. This station will work similarly, only it will be submerged and use turbines that are placed against the ocean current.

There are several turbines and test facilities that are already underway in Florida, Ireland, New York, New Jersey, and Michigan that I have found and plenty more are underway. So this station is looking forward to where it could end up being. The turbines are very advanced and I took it to where researchers want it to be to make it state-of-the-art and generate tremendous amounts of energy.

This is because the story takes place in the very near future where America is still attempting to recover from the recession more than a decade later, a fiction that may not be too far from reality. This station is built with a second massive stimulus to help recover the West Coast economy that is still bleeding red financially. It is Washington’s hope that by helping the west coast rebuild, the three big states will help neighboring state economies and recovery will occur.

The station has thousands of turbines feeding into this first level of the station. It is called “Level I” according to the manual I am creating and the executive-type characters in the novel. To the nine people working in the Thales, it will be called “Hell” after only one day there. The receivers for the eight different grids (6 full size grids feed out to the coast, 2 smaller grids transfer energy to keep the Thales operational) generate massive heat as well as the processing servers that transfers the energy from the receivers to the three massive transmitters. These transmitters send the energy through massive power lines to the coast where the processing plant, located at a Northern California dock, takes the energy in and sends to businesses and homes everywhere. This energy is renewable and does not rely on varying costs of oil per barrel set by corrupt organizations like OPEC. Thus, the road to recovery can begin.

Take a look at Level I. Level II will be coming soon that houses the computer operations and living quarters, among other things. Hope you enjoy taking a look at the hard work I have put in. See you Friday!


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