March 10th, 2010 – Eight Video Games that should be movies by now!

Video games are essentially known to result in terrible movies. If you haven’t seen Mortal Kombat: Annihilation or Far Cry, I would recommend gathering your wittiest friends and get ready for a night of MST3K style mocking! It provides for an entertaining evening, but not the reason they intended when they made the film. It’s entertaining because when they actually tried to implement the Animality into the story of the second Kombat film (film is a loose term), the effects looked about as complex as the game play is in Dynasty Warriors.  It doesn’t stop you from trying to unlock every last warrior from the three kingdoms and mindlessly hacking hour after hour.

So here is a list of eigh  video games that could make decent films if in the right hands:

1)      Halo. Welcome to one of those movies that has been in development hell for a long time. For a good while, Peter Jackson was going to be producing and Neil Blomkamp was the lead contender to direct. Then things fell through as the budget escalated and the script went into purgatory development. One good thing is that this delay resulted in the making of District 9. What is the status of the movie now? Sure! Your guess is as good as the studio executives who own the damned rights! Master Chief may never grace the screen, or it could start production by the end of this year. Think about it, with them leaving the Master Chief storyline for games like Halo: Reach, there are multiple franchises awaiting.

"I'm going to do a Leap of Faith . . . into multiplexes everywhere!"

2)      Assassins Creed. I would be curious to see if they would take the movie and have it only take place in the past, or if they would keep the narrative memory pull from the game. If you haven’t played the game and don’t know what I am talking about, go to Blockbuster or something, it’s awesome! The historical inspiration brings a great sense of the past up while utilizing awesome Parkour style climbing and chase sequences. The first stealth assassination would give audiences a thrilling cry for victory. Plus, insert a few begging peasants and crazy people shoving Altair for a few inside jokes for the loyal gamers. Audiences love a good rebel, and Altair is great example.

3)      Uncharted. Drake is a character just begging to be brought onto the screen. His daring adventures have an Indiana Jones style search with awesome action and gunfights. Cast recently Oscar nominated Jeremy Renner in the lead role, you’ve got yourself $150 million movie ready to rock! And thankfully, we’ll know as long as George Lucas stays away there won’t be an infiltration into this story line of any Crystal Skulls.

4)      Resident Evil 5. No I am not talking about forcing yet another Milla Jovovich entry down our throats (which they are doing, by the way): As much as I enjoyed the half full shipping crate providing a never ending supply of zombies as if Jesus Christ himself conjured it, the last entry left little to be desired, or continued.

I am talking about taking the storyline of the recent PS3 and 360 entry that had some intense visuals and the best characters the series has seen for a while. The opening sequence of the game would catch audiences from the start!

5)      Metal Gear Solid. How this series has yet to make it on the big screen is beyond me. After over a decade of cardboard box hiding, Snake and company are still stuck in our consoles. As long as certain storylines stay out of the mix (you know which one I’m talking about) the story would be an awesome action film. After all, the excessive scenes of dialogue are already written since the scene cuts between missions could give you hours of already written material anyway!

6)      God of War. This series is begging for slashing and hacking to come out and properly bring Kratos to the screen in vengeful glory. Clash of the Titans is basically a combination of the game and the original 80’s movie. Instead, I challenge them to make Kratos using the technology from Avatar and make it in 3D. With epic bosses and violent deaths being given to the Gods, this movie would blow your mind if done properly. Please note that phrase, “if done properly.”

7)      Army of Two. Two ex-soldiers turned mercenaries working together and battling countless enemies. Get Ridley Scott to direct using his Gladiator method of shooting with a little Black Hawk Down mixed into this awesome duo, you’ve got a franchise just waiting to deliver sequels back-to-back! Get it? Because the characters go back-to-back a lot. That’s why it’s funny.

8)      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. These games are already some of the most intense experiences you can have as a gamer.  The first time you have to run through a fast sinking ship and jump onto a helicopter only to be grabbed by your buddy by one arm, you are hooked. If producers just put a camera in front of some talented character actors to play Price and Vasquez and follow the storyline exactly, the movie is done! Hell, the darker ending of Warfare 2 could be the perfect Empire Strikes Back style bridge to the epic finale.

So who should play Clyde and Tyson? Should a studio sign Keith David to play Sergeant Foley for Warfare 2? What games do you hope to see turned into movies? Or do you think video games are meant to stay as video games, nothing more? Chime in below!


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