March 3rd – The Music of Current, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

This is the second installment of The Music of Current. These writings discuss the music that inspires me while I write the novel. Which by the way, the progress is coming along magnificently and I am on perfect track to meet my deadlines and that makes me feel good, it’s no lie. I am one to set goals and oftentimes and nearly meet them. When I am at the thirteenth rep of my fourth set when working out, I will often stop and say “good enough” instead of getting those last two reps in. I have to make sure I stay vigilant as I approach the end, that’s typically when I lose my luster. The Manual is up to 265 finished pages and getting close to finished early!

If you are just joining this blog, you may want to check out the blogs for Deadlines, the Swedish Fish concept behind the blog, and the book synopsis itself. Without having read these, this blog may seem a bit confusing.

Swedish Fish:


The Synopsis of the Book:

Here is a link to a YouTube video of the song that is the focus of this week’s writing blog:

This week I am looking at “The Road” by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. It is taken from the movie soundtrack of “The Road” based on the book by Cormac McCarthy. I am one of those people that if I really enjoy something, I will totally immerse myself in everything they offer for it. When the Blu Ray comes out, I’ll buy it.

The song is the title track to the soundtrack and every time I hear it, it reveals a moment of the human emotion I am aiming for the reader to feel in a disturbing moment between characters. The characters of Eric and Jacob are two that come to the forefront of the story as it progresses. Their responsibilities and challenges prove to be some of the most arduous of their story arcs.

Eric, a man who recently lost his wife, and Jacob, a man whose past has never enabled him to reconcile with those he loves most, are broken. Their mutual heartache is something they face together, but find it nearly impossible to agree upon the right means of dealing with it. Jacob, the older commander of the crew, has lived through experiences not unlike Eric’s and sees the choices he is making. He tries his best to intervene because he knows those choices will destroy his relationships that he holds dearest. Eric disagrees and their true conflict begins as the conflict within the Thales ocean current station arises as well.

The bitter and unforgiving ocean becomes a symbol of the grief they both cannot face. Their hope to use the station as an escape only proves to bring it further in their minds in the cramped station. I hope as you listen to this song, you can hear that turmoil that they dwell on and cannot let go. I don’t want to go much further because if I do, I fear revealing too much. I am writing this with the intention of having it published and read by millions! Too much reveal and the suspense will be gone.

On an unrelated note, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! It’s been great and I think will only get better! I also appreciate everyone’s viewing of the blog! I’ve had a lot of hits and interest and can’t wait to see where it takes me in the future.


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