March 1st – Five Suggestions for Season Five of Heroes, if it Happens.

As Heroes drew to a close for season five, I began to realize just how flawed the series has been since season one. After a friend hyped it up, I watched the pilot and consequently flew through the entire first season and eagerly anticipated the second season. I am a loyal viewer. I will stick with something even through a bitter end. To this day there are merely a handful of movies that I haven’t made it through. I actually watched Here on Earth in its’ entirety. If you haven’t seen it, consider yourself spared.

My point has become a bit muddled. The point being is that I have faced a ratio of one good season to three seasons of regret. It leaves me feeling ashamed that I have allowed myself to be abused by a huge team of writers who have a strong of an ability to make a decision as the third graders I often sub for.

So here are five things that the show needs to realize, fix, or at least attempt to fix.

5) Utilize the characters properly. Heroes has the innate ability to ignore certain facts and most importantly ignore heroes abilities. This last season was more of an example than ever. For example, the main villain of this season, Samuel, was able to increase his power the more he is surrounded by people with abilities. So he gathered specials to his carnival to set up the big destruction and announcement of the super humans in the world. Samuel then prophesized that he would need Sylar, Peter, and Claire to accomplish his true goal of destruction. Since he had another super that prophesized this for him, how come Ando didn’t come into play at all? You would think that the writers would have included a character whose super power is to charge other people’s super powers? NO! They thought they would include the same three characters that have been stuck in the same story arch over and over. So instead of bringing a previously unused character into the limelight and giving him an arch, the writers decided to keep him in an unimportant arch continuing his long streak as Hiro’s bitch. Also, if Peter Patrelli can only absorb one power now, why wouldn’t he absorb Sylar’s power to absorb any freaking power!!! Then we could get back to his Rogue-on-steroids ability and get down to the inevitable Peter vs. Sylar finale.

4) Use the story lines that work and capitalize. Initially, I was hesitant with the introduction of another super into the storyline. I figured it would be like the integration of Maya, that lasted half a season and proved utterly useless. However, Emma Coolidge, the mostly deaf hero who can use sound to create sonic blasts proved to be a good one. Mainly because she gave Peter Petrelli something to do besides argue against Sylar and his brother Nathan. So, please bring her back and make it work. Killing off Daphne and Elle put an abrupt stop to two stories with Sylar and Matt and moved onto something completely irrelevant.

3) More action!!! The pull of Heroes is the hope that the heroes might actually use their powers to fight. Yet, this season used it minimally. Ray Park got only one mediocre fight sequence that was made stupid by digital blurry effects. That’s all folks, Darth Maul everyone! Ray Park is fast and talented enough that he can give the appearance of super speed without expensive and lavish effects. I dare say the fight between the two would have been better had they just done a normal fight sequence.

2) Either kill Tracy and Mohinder off, or use them. These two characters are the two that are most annoying to me, and a lot of others would agree. Ali Larter’s character was extremely vital to most of the plot of season one and then became useless, and started showing up less and less as seasons went on. Mohinder serves no purpose. He showed up this season in only a handful of episodes that frankly didn’t need him. These are season one originals that have become bastardized afterthoughts left on the doorstep of contract requirements. For that matter, let’s give HRG and Claire more than fighting with each other to do. While their episode in season one where HRG lets Claire go and intentionally takes a bullet for her was one of the best episodes of the entire show. However, we’re starting to hear the same tune, just a different beat. Claire needs a secondary ability as well, because just being able to heal isn’t enough. She needs a Wolverine-type incident or a new variation of her power to make her more than just a beating bag.

1) CHOOSE A SINGLE STORY LINE, AND STICK TO THAT STORY LINE!!! This has been Heroes number one issue since the end of season one. In the first season, there were several stories but they were all headed to the finale of the first season where Sylar had to be stopped. Ever since, each character has had their own storyline and it becomes this jumbled mess that the writers find a way in the last two or three episodes to mesh together into a plate of unappealing leftovers. There are so many subplots just blatantly ignored that it has become as convoluted as Lost without a means toward an end. That could perhaps be the one thing Heroes needs, and end date. The show may not even have a fifth season, but going beyond six would be absolutely insane. The show has to start gearing toward an ultimate end or find a focus like great comic book writing where they decide what the story is, and map out where the story will head from moment one to the end of the season. If they have been doing this, they have a hell of a way to put it together. It seems like the writers are children who are coloring a lion in a coloring book. Halfway through, they decide they want the lion should have blue mane, but it was already yellow. So it becomes green and sick, and now we have a dying lion who wants nothing more than to get his yellow mane back. Heroes, stop changing colors.


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