February 23rd – 10 Movies from my childhood that are still awesome!

Have you ever taken the time to watch a movie that you cherished from your childhood? It can go one of two ways. In the case of the first two “Karate Kid” movies, it was negative. The epic climaxes I remembered from childhood were suddenly lightning fast endings with not much catharsis.

That’s one side of things, on the other is a trip to a happy place. This happy place is one where your childhood memories are not betrayed like the animated Transformers movie. You know what I mean, when they say, “Hey, do you remember all of those awesome characters you loved from the tv show? Yeah, well their dead!” This list includes the movies that did not traumatize me after watching them a second time later in life.

10) E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Very few need further explanation why this movie still remains a classic. Even today people can’t watch as E.T. utters “I’ll be right here” without their breath beginning to shutter. You know what I mean. When the tears are coming but you don’t want to show them. So you fight and your body spasms as if you just received a few volts of electricity.

9) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The second installment is not as awesome as I remembered and I never liked the third, so the original movie is the only of the trilogy I have on this list. While the cheesiness is abundant, that’s part of the fun. Plus, where else will you learn that all fathers care for their sons?

8) The Never Ending Story

This movie lost a little bit of face because of a few moments, but overall this movie is still awesome. From Falcor to Artex, it is full of awesome moments that helped define my youth. A few moments that have slipped, the Nothing Dog is not as creepy as it used to be and a repeated line at the finale now has a completely different context thanks to Allison Hannigen in “American Pie.”

7) The Muppets – Everything!

This list would have about five entries devoted only to the Muppets if I were to list them individually. While my memories have been a bit altered, it’s because as an adult you see completely different approaches to the jokes and appreciate different moments. That’s why the Muppets have endured and didn’t go the way of Fraggle Rock, they appealed to the entire family. Also, they are continuing to make me laugh with their interpretation of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” If you haven’t seen it, Google it. You can thank me later.

6) Tron

The final battle almost got this movie off the list. It has this very stagnant climax that seems to go on forever after the games are over. The bike chase and the floating shapes of doom are still pretty cool as long as you remember when the movie was made. What this also makes me anxious for is the sequel where 3D and revolutionary effects are supposed to come into play similar to the hype of the first, just different technology and time. The second the bikes fire up, I will just slip away to a simpler time when it was green and orange lines of destruction.

5) Indiana Jones Trilogy

The series is still a trilogy. That is what I will always say. The reason being is that the first three were amazing films that combined amazing action, hilarious comedy, and great characters into three masterpieces. That is all I am going to say, because with the mentioning of Cate Blanchett or a Crystal Skull, my heart beat rises quickly. I love the trilogy, it’s a trilogy, it is a magnificent trilogy.

4) Star Wars Trilogy

Another series that should have remained a trilogy, but it was a great one nonetheless. It’s hard to imagine a trilogy that has had quite an impact. While the Ewok atrocity is a little harder to overlook in my older years, but the space battle is freaking awesome. Plus, after getting “treated” with Gungans, I will take an Ewok any day.

3) Krull

This one is likely to be the most obscure reference on this list, but it’s a movie that keeps a strong memory in my childhood heart. While far from the greatest motion picture of all time, this movie is a great escape and shameless fun. Plus, this was one of Liam Neeson’s first movies so if all else fails, we have Krull to thank for that. (Look for a Krull reference in Pineapple Express.)

2) Willow

Who can’t say watching Willow wasn’t one of the best experiences of your life? Seriously, what more do you need out of a movie? In one of Ron Howard’s unusual choices, he proved he has just as strong an ability in showing us parental issues as he can tackle fantasy. Val Kilmer had one of his best roles ever and introduced us to the use of “peck.”

1) The Goonies

In my opinion, no movie made me want to go on a crazy adventure more so than this movie. Growing up with asthma and being socially awkward, I totally related to Samwise Gamgee’s character in the movie. While the movie has a few moments of cheese I didn’t struggle with at a young age, overall this is the closest a movie will ever come to staying just as much an adventure now as it was then. My kids are undeniably going to run around the house doing the truffle shuffle and screaming about their pinchers of power.


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