February 20th – Enjoying Your Weekend with Mindless Entertainment

Five for Friday, on a Saturday. Last night I saw a great piece of theater in the form of “Annie,” directed by my wife, Amber. I have to give her some massive kudos as I continue to be astonished at her innate talent for casting a show. Every show she does, she puts her students in the roles they are perfectly fit to perform in. The show was great and kicked the crap out of that annoying movie version. If you live in the Denver area, there are two more shows today at 1 p.m. and another at 7 p.m. WIth school budget cuts going on, the arts need support more than ever!

As I digress, here is my Five for Friday internet celebration on a Saturday! See you for Movie Monday!

1)      Wake the Royalty

This game is amusing to play for the facial expressions alone. It is a puzzling game until you figure out the rules so be patient with the learning curve. There is a link to watch a walkthrough to help you through it a bit if you need it. I watched it for a few of them to understand what you can do and how you can do it. After that, I challenged myself to not cheat and look at the walkthrough. Enjoy!


2)      Shaun White Wins Gold!

If you haven’t seen Shaun White’s win in the snowboarding half-pipe yet, you have not seen a man who has determined the basic rules of human physics do not apply to him. After you watch this, you will think the matrix is real and Shaun White has been unplugged.


3)      Making of the Old Spice Commercial

Last week I gave two links on the latest Old Spice commercial looking at the man your man could smell like. This is an interview with the two brains behind the commercial. The most mind boggling thing is that they used minimal effects. They built a boat set, a movable shower unit, and a platform to move him from the boat set onto the horse!!!


4)      The Onion News Network – How to Spark Back Into Your Relationship With Your Cat

The Onion is awesome for delivering hilarious news that basically makes fun of everyone. This time, they’re aiming at crazy cat ladies. Be careful with some of the links as they are not family friendly, some vulgar language is used and such.


5)      Stupid Stories

Morning drives are always aggravating. They have a tendency to be muddled with construction going on at the busiest intersections at 7:45 in the morning when everyone is going to work! Either that or traffic has slowed down to a crawl to see the enthralling adventure that is someone else getting a ticket that causes life as we know it to cease completely. KBPI, a rock station in Denver, has a great segment they do every day that makes the commute that much easier. They gather eccentric news pieces and provide cynical commentary on it. While they sometimes land a pretty corny joke, it is morning radio after all, the news pieces are amazing finds in the bottom part of human society. Nay, one might call it a lesson of how not to capitalize on your social skills training from family and educators.



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