10 movies to look for in 2010

As a counterpoint to my cynical Movie Monday entry last week, I will provide an opposite reaction and talk about ten movies coming out this year. You’ll see a bit more about why I’m providing something positive today in my next entry.

There are a bunch of movies that make me hopeful for 2010. In my opinion, last year was an awesome year for movies. Being so early in the year smaller, independent movies are not being profiled or talked about. As a result, this list is full of a lot of the bigger movies I am looking forward to. So here they are in order of their scheduled releases. AS time goes on, I’ll be able to write about some smaller movies I find intriguing.

1)       Shutter Island – February 19th

Martin Scorsese has never really done a horror film. I do not believe this will fit the model of a horror film as we know it today. Today, horror is defined by how much shock factor can be filled in. Although that has been slipping away as the Saw series is apparently ending after this one. This movie looks like it will be a modernization of classic Hitchcock type scares.

You are not going to see everything that goes on in this movie and it is going to get inside your head. Scorsese is an self proclaimed lover of Hitchcock and even directed a short film based on a few pages based on a screenplay being worked on when Hitchcock passed away. It was awesome because you saw classic shot replications from his greats like Rear Window, Vertigo, Strangers on a Train, and more.

I hope this movie is as good as it could be. Scorsese has proved that he can still hang on to his creative ability in his older years. I still believe The Departed was as good as some of his older classics. A great supporting cast should help keep this movie strong from beginning to end.

2)      I Love You, Phillip Morris – March 26th

This is probably the least known release on this list. Over a year ago at Sundance this movie showed and was received very well. It follows Jim Carrey, a married man who comes out and becomes a conman. His crimes are discovered and he is sentenced for fraud. In prison he meets Phillip Morris, played by Ewan McGregor. They get out of jail and try to begin a life together. It looks funny, yet touching.

It looks like a more serious Carrey which is where he does his best work. Don’t believe me? Watch The Truman Show or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, two of the best movies of all time in my opinion. Ewan McGregor has been on my list of actors I’ll watch in pretty much anything after Moulin Rouge, another of the recent greats.

3)      Iron-Man 2 – May 7th

Here is my first tent pole movie. Tent pole movies are franchises that studios come to rely on to make money to produce more franchises and put money into smaller projects. However, the essential cast and crew are all back with the exception of Terence Howard, being replaced by Don Cheadle. Honestly, the sequel will be better for it. Samuel L. Jackson has been listed as Nick Fury and Clark Gregg will be returning as SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson. Expect a tie in of some sort to either Thor or Captain America, the other two Marvel Avenger titles coming out in the next few years.

I do hope they keep the same energy as the first and don’t become convoluted with too much going on. The time they spent on character and story was amazing and that’s what made the first one so amazing. Don’t let Disney corrupt you, Marvel, stay true!

4)      Inception – July 16th

Leonardo Dicaprio is growing his “amazing directors I’ve worked with” part of his resume. Now he can add Christopher Nolan to that list.

His first movie after directing The Dark Knight, the pressure is on Christopher Nolan to deliver. He has proved that he can handle smaller projects like The Prestige while also handling franchises as well. This movie looks very original and so far the major idea and plot of this movie is as much of a guess to me as it is to most of the public.

All we know is that “Your mind is the scene of the crime.” It looks to have the surreal bending of reality that The Matrix provided with a detective type noir. It looks mind boggling and will also see how Nolan can do away from the winged avenger.

5)      Predators – July 9th

Well every year there is a movie that I am scared to death is going to be terrible, but want to be good. Predators gets this acknowledgment. After the amazing exercise in macho men vs. macho monster, there was a sequel  with Danny Glover that made me go “meh . . .” and two Alien vs. Predator movies that took the series into a violent spin.

This is a blatant attempt by 20th Century Fox to try to revive the dying series. Robert Rodriguez has tied on as producer and handpicked the director. They are going for an unusual lead in the form of Adrien Brody. It also features Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace, and Rodriguez regular Danny Trejo.

Only a few on set pictures have been released. As the spring comes to a close, we can expect a trailer and our first real impression on what this movie will do. It has the potential to take the series into a gritty and dark path that franchises are going down now, or it could be a basic rehash that just sounds like old news. Please be better.

6)      The Other Guys – August 6th

Last year proved that big named comedians don’t guarantee a success of a movie if it is total crap. Jack Black didn’t do too well with Year One, but last year’s biggest bomb belonged to Will Ferrell. Land of the Lost didn’t make half of its production budget back and scored a 25% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. This movie could be a great chance for him to prove that he can change it up a bit and provide a fresh breath of air. A great supporting cast surrounding him helps a lot, too. Anchorman was so damned funny because the cast of that movie was as close to perfect as it could get.

Stranger than Fiction was a great, unique movie that showed Ferrell has the capability to diversify his roles. I hope The Other Guys can do this.

7)      The Expendables – August 13th

Had I ordered the movies based on how excited I am to see them, this would be at the top. This movie is going to be the best 80’s action film we’ve seen since the 80’s.

If you haven’t heard about this one, I’ll give you the cast list. Then you will see what I mean. Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Danny Trejo and Mickey Rourke.

This movie is not going to be a film for philosophers, this film will not have Shakespearean dialogue. This movie will have an excessive amount of explosions, awesome one liners that will be repeated, and this movie will be shamelessly awesome. I hope that the bad guys will have inexplicably bad aim and at the end of the movie, you will have just watched an amazing action film. It doesn’t have to do anything else.

8)      Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – August 13th

This movie will continue the current nerd loving culture. Michael Cera plays a struggling rocker who has to win the heart of the girl he wants. In order to do that, he has to defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends.

The main reason I am looking forward to this movie is its director, Edgar Wright. After helming Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Wright officially is recruited to direct in America. This will be a true test to see if his unique and inventive directing comedy/action hybrid approach to directing style will work in America.

9)      The Green Hornet – December 22nd

This is another movie that I hope is really good, but could fall on its face and hard. It stars Seth Rogen from Knocked Up in the title character. It stars Christoper Waltz of Inglorious Basterds as the villain, he had to become the new Alan Rickman/Jeremy Irons/Gary Oldman. It’s the cycle. He will become the essential go-to villain for a while.

It is also directed by Michel Gondry. Yes, the director of Be Kind Rewind and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is taking on an action remake of the old television show. I hope he can add his artistic approach while still maintaining some action prerequisites to avoid a Hulk like incident. You remember, when an explosion occurred, it would freeze frame and outline the jumping stuntman as if he were in a comic strip, that’s when it goes south.

We’ll have to wait awhile before anything will actually be seen even in trailer form or promotions.


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