Day Fifteen – Part Two, Five for Friday

Welcome to Fun Fridays. Writing about writing five days a week while writing a novel is proving taxing after only three weeks, I see where I am headed. As a result, I am going to add more variety to the blog.

Mondays will now, and as long as I enjoy it, be known as Movie Monday. And today marks a new tradition that is starting a day late, Five for Friday. When writing, I typically have to take a breather or else I go insane and just stop writing and do something excessively mindless. I enjoy a brief break every now and again where I explore the web for the delightful waste of time it provides.

So here you go, every Friday I will provide five links for either videos, flash games, or news articles that I find particularly entertaining. Hope you enjoy!

1)   If you haven’t discovered Armor Games, then you have not found one of the most delightful ways to kill several hours. They are dozens upon dozens of free flash games. While they are not excessively complex games, they are free. It saves you $60 for a new game or $9 for a game rental. I first discovered it when one of my friends asked if I ever played The Last Stand. A game where you have to survive an ever growing zombie apocalypse.

Today, I feel you should enjoy the free flash game of Balloon in a Wasteland. This game is amazing because it is a great concept. A man is using a hot air balloon to stay away from black blobs of doom that have swept the land. Your balloon runs out of steam and you crash. Stranded with only a pistol, you have to try to repair your balloon whilst the blobs attack.

Believe me, once you discover this game, I guarantee you will play it to the end and try to escape. It has great additional challenges like creating a fort to sleep to recover stamina, rogue pickup trucks drive by with weapons, traps, and fort additions you can buy based on how many blobs you kill. Enjoy!

2)   This video was posted on February 4th, and is already at over 1,000,000 views. Why? Because it should have been the second funniest Super Bowl commercial after the Betty White Snickers commercial. The reason it didn’t get second place? It didn’t air during the Super Bowl. Instead, we were subjected to God awful Go Daddy commercials that didn’t even have the guts to go where it used to and Megan Fox deciding she isn’t getting enough attention yet. Had this aired, this would have been the other heavily talked about commercial.

And here is a quicker, almost equally hilarious follow up.

3)   If you haven’t been following The Office this season, you are missing out. There have been some major changes at Dunder Mifflin and the show is just as funny as when it started. While that’s what she said is long over, other gags have been right up front.

This episode is particularly awesome because Erin, the receptionist who replaced Pam when she moved to sales, is finally starting to get some real focus. Her first episodes left her as this undefined character that took a backseat to the other characters. Now, with a will they/won’t they storyline with Andy is giving her some real screen time.

Here’s the latest episode that also gives Kathy Bates her first big entrance after only being in the “You’ve just been bought by Sabre” video from last week.

In case you didn’t see the Sabre video, follow this link:

4)   If the internet has done one thing right, it is showing people fail. The web gives us pictures, videos, blogs, and countless other sources to see other people not succeeding in their attempts. This video is one of them. As if to add injury to insult, after the flood takes her out, she then gets a Bugs Bunny style hit to the face. And then to add insult to injury to insult, she loses her bags. I feel bad for this person, yet I don’t in a certain way. She didn’t deserve what happened, but I also have a question for her: At what point did she think crossing this street was a good idea?

On a side note, kudos to those gentlemen that tried to get to her on time, and then help her get out of the street, she needed it.

5)   This video is hilarious for video gamers, but non gamers should still be able to get a kick out of it. If you played classic 8 bit Nintendo games, you’ll love this. If you played Mortal Kombat, you’ll find it even better. Brief, but absolute chaos can be hilarious! This video gives a marvelous perspective on what would happen if they called upon a ninja resurrected from hell instead of an overweight plumber to take care of business. The game would have been a lot shorter.

Enjoy some time killing!


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