Day Fourteen – The Ultimate End

Tonight I am very proud of what I wrote, but it wasn’t the most creative project ever created. I finished my first graduate level paper tonight. It feels pretty good.

My worries about losing focus and allowing previous aspirations to fizzle away to blind attempts is not there today. I am looking forward to tomorrow as it will be a great writing day. I initially took a half day with the intent of finishing my paper before class. Now, I have the chance to get a good workout in with my new program that I love!

After that, it is writing. However, right now I am facing a huge dilemma. There is always the question regarding the ultimate fate of the characters. A few of them are set. I have developed their journey to such a point that changing their ultimate destiny would alter the entire concept of the book.

I am trying desperately to avoid clichéd storytelling. One of the easiest ways to turn me off from a story is when the motion forward is so stupidly obvious, you find the text just an obligation to get through to an inevitable end that you saw coming a mile away. Then when you are finished, it’s just another book you read that will be forgotten. When people ask if you read it you say, “Yeah I did.”

“What was it like?” asked the inquirer.

“I don’t remember honestly, it wasn’t bad,” said the reader.

Then there are those books that people talk about for weeks after reading it. My most recent experience was Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. It was put on Oprah’s book list for a reason. It is unbelievable. McCarthy’s best in my humble opinion. At the end of the book I was left with such a cathartic experience I found myself jealous and wanting more.

There are several characters in this book that I have toyed with their ultimate end. It is mainly because they have yet to be fleshed out to the depth of the principal characters. While I need to keep focus on the main characters who have the bigger story to tell, nothing frustrates me more than superfluous characters that are merely there for exposition.

I want these characters to have a journey and a purpose beyond supporting the story of the main characters. I have seen moments where their stories have overlapped but the intricacies of making their ultimate ends meet in such a way to astonish the reader is not there yet.

As I continue the outline and character biographies, I hope those exact elements can come into play. As Amber will be tied in rehearsals for the weekend and such as well, I should find the time to write quite a bit this weekend. Maybe a little Assassin’s Creed could creep its way into the schedule somewhere as well.

I look forward to this week advancing and to the future to see what this week will result in. I have been finding some excellent music and after the outline is done, the scoring begins! Thanks for reading, I will see you tomorrow!


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