Day Thirteen – Crossroads (Not starring Britney Spears)

There is always a definitive moment where a habit can be broken. Everyone knows it, a moment when a New Year’s Resolution seeps away. A goal becomes an aspiration that you’ll talk about never truly fulfilling. This week I have seen these moments here and there and I know that there will always be moments to test me, and now is one of them.

As this week has begun, I have written a lot. However, not a bit of it has been on Current. Yesterday I didn’t sub so I could submit about ten resumes. Today, I spent time focusing on my first paper due for my master’s class. So I have to make sure I don’t tear myself up. They are legitimate goals grounded in realistic demands, at the same time a desire looms in the background.

I have all week and as of right now, I only have a half day job booked on Thursday. That could be a great chance to get some good writing done. This weekend isn’t too action packed either. The decisions just have to come to find the time. It may just not be exactly when you want it to happen.

Brief tonight since I haven’t been doing much. I was contacted about the Children’s Museum about the Education Program Manager and I might have an “in” with the Dumb Friends League (I’m applying for Customer Care Manager, how fun would it be to help people adopt dogs and cats?). I always knew being friends with Eric Olson would pay off, it just took 19 years. Here’s hoping for some good news. So hopefully as the week progresses my blogs will get a bit more interesting and I will find the time.

We’ll see you tomorrow, thanks for reading!


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