Day Eleven – The Deadlines

The last few days I have been assembling the deadlines I am going to try to adhere to the best I can. I’ve stepped up my applications, three this week. More will be created next week as well. Reason being is that unfortunately we’re getting some mixed messages because the rumor mills are going rampant at her school. On top of that, administrators are giving different stories to different employees. At this point Amber and I just want the principal to let people know if they’re getting the guillotine of the recession. Despite the deadline of knowing the results by the end of February, the school is hoping for definitive news this week or next.

So I feel that it is understandable to try my best to stick to the deadlines. However I am not going to kill myself, this should be an enjoyable process. Without the financial security and reassurance these deadlines are going to be harder to focus on and other priorities will have to go ahead of writing. At the same time, I want to aspire to continue to make our lives better and challenge myself, too. Here are the deadlines:

End of March: Outline for the book including chapter breakdowns, narration details, and major plot points.

End of April: Take some time away from the novel to think and brainstorm, work out logical faults, missing details, etc. I am also going to submit short stories and poetry to literary magazines that I have been working on. The industry looks at a lot of the literary magazines for new blood, and getting published in those is a good way for an unknown like me to be discovered. From the time the submission occurs in April to the time it is published in the magazine it will be around the holidays.

End of August: Rough draft of the book is done. Tough goal, but the summer is going to be a bit slower and I actually have a tendency to go on a blitz during the summer. This is one goal that is going to be a bit difficult to get to. However, if I sit down and write about something I know about, I can write about 5,000 words a day. That is, of course, if I spend several hours a day writing.

End of December: Revision of the book is completed. While I do not think this will be the final version of the book, it should be getting close at this point. Having a good grasp of how the book will be structured will lead me into the new year of 2011 with a strong sense of hope and accomplishment. If the book is ready by then, I will begin submitting in January. However, you only get one chance with a book and if an agent or publisher doesn’t like it, submitting a revised version of it won’t help at all. The book has to be the best I can make it so unless I can read the book from start to finish and not question a single sentence, I am not submitting it.

Thank you everyone for reading, since I started the blog I have had 195 views in two weeks! I am so ecstatic that it is working and people are, hopefully, enjoying reading it. I would be happy if I got a view a day from Amber. As it stands, I am averaging almost 100 views a week. It means a lot and I hope this blog continues to entertain, inspire, or kill some time which, as we all know, is what the internet is best at doing.

I am going to start making my first post of the week movie based. I shall call it “Movie Monday.” It will focus on my love of the cinema, just to keep some variety and start the week off with a little lighter fare.


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