Day Ten – The Music of Current – Almost Kind

The next installment of the “Under Pressure” series will come tomorrow. We’ll see how long that series goes on. The job at the Children’s Museum closes tomorrow. Now that I have been writing so much about it, it has been officially hyped beyond repair. This job is mine, now! At least that’s what my hoping for anything but disappointment voice is saying right now.

Here is the second installment of “The Music of Current.” While about half of my iPod is filled with what many would call “regular music.” These songs are playing a key part in the development process in writing the novel.

Jacob Lowe, the hardened leader of the Thales crew, I feel can almost be perfectly encapsulated within an absolutely beautiful song by Guster entitled “Almost Kind.”

Struggling with the trauma of his past, he has all but lost his family. Their distance is prevalent as he watches his children consistently choose the love of their mother over the wishes of their father to have them in his life.

He takes the job because he can tell his over saturation and desperate attempt to reconcile for past mistakes are falling on ears that grow deafer as he tries more. To give his family space, he hopes this time on the Thales will give them the space they need. He’s hoping not having him around will make them regret their tendencies toward separation.

Jacob knows the woman he used to know as his wife is gone from him forever. Now, he has only the hope that his children can find it in their hearts to forgive him of his past choices. His ex-wife made it clear about his past.

As the crew of the Thales bonds and draws closer together, he fears his decisions and tough nature from his military life will cause them to drift apart as well. He fears the distance between a leader and his crew will always be at the forefront.

Jacob is a broken man who hopes that as old age and retirement call his name he can prove himself indefinitely. He wants nothing more than his actions to speak for his aspiration to find redemption while encapsulated hundreds of feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. If he can keep the crew safe, his life will begin anew and he may find salvation.

The song has actually played a part in developing Jacob, the saddened strings of the song directly mirror his path. Thanks for reading and we will see you tomorrow!


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  1. When I was first developing the characters for the novel I’m rewriting, music was essential for me to get the “feel” for each of them, and for the world I was building. The band Nightwish was my inspiration for the entire project at the time, the song “Eva” especially for one of my two main characters, at least, where she was at the beginning of the story. I couldn’t imagine writing without some sort of music in the background to inform the story.

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