Day Nine – Under Pressure, Part II

Thankfully the more information we are finding out about the upcoming job cuts, the better it is looking. Gateway High School rents out their theater to people who need it for events, concerts, meetings, etc. So thankfully Amber’s job has a secondary benefit that brings in revenue, another reason that her security is looking better by the day. Previous arguments for why she should be just fine include that she is the only theater teacher. Also, under her supervision with the help of a great team from the music directors to her technical director have kept the theater in the green financially since Amber took over, which apparently had not happened in a long time.

Her job description may be altered in a way to accommodate a loss in English, it’s hard to say until the official announcement comes later this month. However, this sense of security is also faced with a hovering fear. Because last year, Aurora voters passed not one, but two, bills to give more money to Aurora schools. And apparently with this passing of the two bills they still have a $14 million deficit, so I am not expecting miracles next year either. If it Amber’s job is safe this year, it could very well be the next that we face the same problem or theater being removed entirely. It’s hard to say unless they find constructive ways to spend and allocate funds.

So my drive continues to make sure we are successful in what we do day in and day out. I say we because I include my wife’s success as my success. When she is happy, I am as well. I could repeat a few other references but will avoid it. In two days the job for Education Program Manager closes and that’s when I hope to hear about an interview. I continue to look toward this job with a strong sense of hope. This job would be a lot of fun and incorporate a lot of my previous experience.

As I continue my chapter outline writing, the book is coming together. I am finding ways for smaller moments to influence the larger revelations and change motions. The character stories are beginning to interweave which is something I look for very much when writing. It is beginning to reach the point that without one of the eight crew members, this story would not work. That is when I know I am reaching a point that the massive writing can begin. I have officially reached 50 chapters now. I am thinking when all is said and done it may be about 70 at the rate I am going. As a result, I can see myself lessening the chapter amounts again. After all, a 300 page book with 70 chapters will be an average of less than 5 pages a chapter. That would just flat out be ridiculous.

Too many stories have extraneous characters that are there for mere expositional information. I want each of these eight people to have a journey and purpose in being there for each moment. Specific passages require different characters to either help or hinder each other to move the story forward, help someone on their journey, any number of reasons.

I do this because in my own life as people come and go. They typically serve some sort of purpose in coming into my life. Our different journeys are suddenly collaborated together to help each other in our goals and aspirations. While dome influences are stronger than others, they remain changed none the less.



  1. I’m glad it seems like Amber’s job looks secure for the next school year. Our superintendent has mentioned job cuts and the cutting of low-enrollment classes, so we’re in a ‘wait and see’ mode right now. Don’t think mine’s going to come under fire, but I worry for some of my departmental colleagues, because of their class sizes in general. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on the Education Program Manager job – it does sound like it’s right up your alley!

    Reading about your novel’s progress is keeping me inspired to continue working on mine. I’ve written six scenes, based on my outline, for my second draft, and it’s already looking a lot better than the first draft (granted, the first draft was a nanowrimo novel). The plot is far tighter this time around, since I’ve been careful with my planning. I enjoy seeing what you write every day on my RSS feed!

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