Day Three – A Great Sentence

So today I found myself working on a key moment that will occur in the book. It began last night while I was reading and thought of a great sentence for one part of the book. I got up and walked into the living room to grab a little moleskin journal and wrote it down just to get it down. It would have disappeared into my forgotten memories only to become a vague confusion of what I thought of.

Then today I worked on the emotion of the chapter and how it has to flow in order for the book to move forward. However, one thing I tried real hard to work on was separating the characters and their reactions. Their relationships to one another will also heavily weigh on this key moment. I don’t want to say what this moment is since it is a rather large game changer in the book.

I also focused on a few routines that I need to solidify my routine to ensure I keep this up and don’t falter after my tenth blog. I have had a tendency to not fulfill some goals; everyone makes either New Year’s Resolutions or other goals and squander without much time passing at all.

Thankfully, since I started blogging I have actually been doing well (I say with Day Three). I changed the workout routine to designated, specific times, the general idea wasn’t working. I also have been getting my vitamins and flossing regularly.

So I am trying to use my creative work to also lead to me keep making my health a bit better as well. Finally, I am working toward a steady professional job to let my mind worry less about finances and hopefully get health insurance for the first time in 9 years! (I’ve been pretty lucky there nothing catastrophic has occurred)

My application is officially in for the Education Program Manager at the Children’s Museum of Denver as of about a half hour ago. I did those little tweaks to make sure you don’t say experience or qualified fifteen times in a paragraph. I sweetened the deal by scanning in tons of notes and drawings I have received as a teacher. I hope seeing that will show them where my priorities are and how Mr. Bull’s 4th grade class came to call me “Mr. Awesome!”

See you tomorrow for some character discussion! Thanks for reading everyone!


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