Day One – Assessing Accomplishments and Setting Goals

In order to kick this entire goal orientation into gear, I have decided on setting some clear goals for myself. First goal, I am not going to overcomplicate these blogs. My first entry was over 600 words long and I edited it several times. That’s going to kill my writing time.

Next, I need to assess what I have already accomplished. I have been doing extensive research about the subject. I have also written two complete breakdowns of the stories. I am now in the early stages of my third outline for the book. I am trying to break it down chapter by chapter since I want to try having each chapter told from the perspective of one of the key characters.

Now the big one, I am setting future goals for myself. The first goal, finish the outline, character biographies, and the manual for the Thales (See the book description posted.) These are complicated orders, but are already in progress.

I want to have the definitive outline for the book. I have had some great realizations after developing the story, completing research, and exploring the characters and realized certain events had to occur. The character biographies are basic right now, but far from in depth enough to flesh out the characters to the extent I truly want. Without the characters seeming real, the danger incurred in the book will seem artificial and unimportant. The action would merely become another sequence to get past until the inevitable ending the reader would see coming a mile away.

Finally I want to complete the manual for the Thales, the energy conversion station that harvests the power using underwater turbines to generate electricity. I have already begun it and I have 232 pages completed for the manual so far. In doing this blog I am realizing I’ve completed more than I thought. While thus far the manual is a basic grid and section breakdown for how the station is put together, it is already at 232 pages.

My goal to finish these three things is March 31st, 2010. While if I had more free time to create the three planning phases, my life is hectic at best. I am working full time while taking a class for my Master’s degree and I am also searching for a more stable job. While I am enjoying substitute teaching, it is proving a bit troublesome. The pay is minimal, no benefits, the hours are sporadic, and anything but guaranteed. So wish me luck. I have two applications in right now, one for editing at Starz Entertainment and another to be the Education Program Manager at the Children’s Museum of Denver.

So with all of this going on, I feel that March 31st is a completely reasonable goal. In fact, it may be very difficult to achieve. However, I found that I do better when I have too much to do. When I reach a lethargic state my desire to kick back into gear is difficult. I thrive better when challenging myself to constantly do better.

Take a look at the synopsis; this is an early working version of it since I am still in the planning area. So don’t be surprised to see some alterations as time goes on. Okay, I am pushing 600 words again, I am going to stop. Thanks for reading. I would love comments, subscriptions to my blog, anything you want to do. If not, I appreciate you simply reading this. See you tomorrow!



  1. I read all of your blog posts in your voice, just so you know.

    I happen to have a large body of research from my helium project and my various other energy related pieces of research still sitting in a folder on my computer if that is relevant/you want them.

    Also, pie.

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